Bristol & Austin : Said I Do


This is Bristol & Austin. The camera adores these two and frankly, so do I!


Cassie & Matt : Said I Do

Photos from Cassie & Matt's Buffalo Lodge wedding in Kingsville, MO (1)
This is Cassie & Matt. They are such a sweet match with a balance between them that seem so effortless.

Heather & Mike : Said I Do

Heather and Mike's Kansas City Wedding (1)
This is Heather and Mike. While it’s obvious they are in love, as you scroll it becomes more obvious that these two know how to party. :)

Sam & Zach : Said I Do

This is Sam and Zach. Their connection is deeply heartfelt and oh so lovely.

Samantha & Anthony : Said I Do

This is Samantha & Anthony. With romance and hints of glam, these two kind of stole my heart. :)